Are you interested in selling our products to your customers?

We are so excited that you have an interest in selling our products to your customers. Kampos Cretan Products lists more that 500 high quality products from local producers and can supply your business at competitive wholesale prices. Kampos Cretan Products experience and expertise can save you money and time for your whole sales providing with the most efficient and mutual beneficiary solutions for shipping, packaging, marketing and products selection for your business.

Do you have a food business such as restaurant, bar or a deli store?

We can supply your business with a variety of delicatessen products both in retail packaging or bulk. Give the customers only the best products from Cretan land and make them feel that they are in a Greek island.

Are you beauty or health professional or do you own a hair saloon or a spa?

We can supply your business with local natural cosmetics that will amaze your customers with their unique smell and their top notch quality.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how our offerings can help you maximize your profits.

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